Advisory Portfolio Service

The Advisory Portfolio Service (APS), is an actively managed, whole of market, purely advisory service, that combines a detailed understanding of UK and International investment markets, with the best of breed approach to identify the vehicles and investments that are most appropriate for each client.

This provides our clients’ with long term wealth management of their investment holdings, which is paramount in dealing with the changing economic environment or their changing financial needs and objectives.

A complete understanding of our clients’ financial circumstances, allows us to capitalise on their investment potential, whilst maintaining a personal, reliable and professional ongoing service.

The service includes:

  • discussion regarding client's objectives
  • review of existing holdings
  • ongoing analysis of funds
  • advice on best direction for new investments
  • updates of specific changes within the market or to particular funds
  • regular monitoring of recommended investments and yearly review

A key element of the service is looking at how the investments are structured, in order to maximise the holdings within the portfolios, in the most tax efficient manner. And this is achieved by ensuring our clients use their Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Registered Pension Scheme and ISA allowances on an annual basis.

We predominantly concentrate on collective investment vehicles such as:

  • ISA’s
  • Unit trusts
  • Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
  • Investment trusts
  • Life assurance funds
  • Pension funds

We aim to simplify this huge market and work with our clients to devise an investment strategy to meet their financial objectives, and regularly review it to ensure that the funds selected, continue to be appropriate for our investors.

An APS client can expect:

  • An annual face to face meeting
  • A half yearly valuation*
  • A half yearly valuation report and market commentary*
  • A half yearly portfolio review*
  • Portfolio rebalancing (where appropriate)
  • Regular news alerts (as appropriate)*

* These can be provided either by secure online services or in hard copy.

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and maybe subject to change in the future.

No investment is without risk, and you should be aware that the value of these types of investments can fall as well as rise.